Phew, we’re back! After a hectic several weeks of moving, long commutes and new work opportunities, I’m finally able to write regularly again. And after even a short hiatus, I’m more jazzed than ever to be writing about weddings and ways to make them unique, different, and fun.

It’s been hard not to write, considering it’s high wedding season. Everywhere I turn, there are weddings: facebook photos from old high school classmates, friends attending weddings and sending me reports, and so on. What I’m noticing is a lot of traditional church ceremonies, hotel ceremonies and receptions, and outdoor tent weddings. Lots of full white gowns, large bridal parties, and dual color schemes.

In other words: the same ‘ole, same ‘ole. Which makes me think that now is as good a time as any to trot out my one of my favorites: the courthouse wedding.

Once reserved for ladies in the “family way”, divorcees and just plain broke couples, courthouse weddings began to take a turn for the glamourous side in the fifties and sixties, thanks in no small part to stars such as the late Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn.

These ladies paved the way for chic civil ceremonies, showing that you didn’t have to have a big white ballgown or veil to have a gorgeous, memorable wedding!

Vintage or Modern? Take Your Pick!

Whether your asthetic tends toward fabulous vintage or minimalist modern, courthouse weddings are a great way to showcase your personal style. Use it as an opportunity to show off your great legs, splurge on an amazing pair of shoes, and get creative with your photography.


Courthouse = Cost Effective

For the couple who wants to spend more money on high quality photography and videography than feeding a few hundred people, a courthouse wedding is an easy way to save. You won’t have to decorate or reserve space for the ceremony, for one. And since courthouse ceremonies lend themselves more to smaller weddings anyway, it’s a perfect excuse for not wanting a large bridal party.

Big Wedding vs. Small Wedding? Compromise

We’ve all heard it before: your mom wants to see you in a giant ball of tulle, in a house of worship, with a big freakin’ party afterwards. That’s all well in good, if that’s what you want. But what if you (or your future spouse) want a smaller event? Maybe you dig the intimacy of a smaller wedding, or don’t want to incorporate any religion into the day at all.

A courthouse ceremony can help you compromise. Have your small, intimate ceremony at the courthouse: no one is going to question why you didn’t invite all the guests to town hall (and even if you did…most probably wouldn’t come. They know there’s not enough room.)

Best of all…you can follow-up the ceremony with a reception as large, small, formal or casual as you like. Want to save even more money? Have a morning ceremony and meet your guests at a restaurant for brunch! Or if you still want the big party, have your private afternoon ceremony and take your time capturing amazing photos – no hurried hour cocktail hour session! Join your guests at the reception site of your choice and party the night away.

However you want to portion out your budget, courthouse weddings are flexible, chic and infinitely customizable.

Remember…if they do it in the movies, you can do it too.