Ah, ye old veil dilemma. How often have you seen a lovely bride who seems to have everything together…except for the mosquito netting on her head? Having the right veil can make or break your look. And there are many more options than you’d think. Don’t settle for the first one the saleswoman puts on your head, and don’t necessarily go for the same style your mom wore. Your veil accomplishes the same goal as your gown: it tells the world that you are the bride, it enhances your beauty, and it reflects you in all your personal quirkiness and style.

Veil Myth #1: It has to be long

Don’t get me wrong, I love a long veil. It does two things: makes you look taller and lends a special kind of elegance. But it’s also a bit of a pain to drag around, can easily get snagged, it hides your hair and the back of your gown. You can take it off after the ceremony, certainly, or replace it with a shorter veil…but then you either spent $100+ on something you wore for less than an hour, or you spent $100+ on something you wore for less than an hour, plus another one for another $100+.

Clearly, something to consider.

Veil Myth #2: There’s only one kind of fabric

Veils are made of Tulle. Tulle has many great qualities…depending on the kind you buy. Oh yeah: there are different types of tulle. As if you didn’t have enough decisions to make already.

Silk Tulle is softer and has that fantastic flow. It also is sheer.

It’s also the most expensive – silk, you know – but it won’t yellow or deteriorate like other kinds.

Rayon Tulle is stiffer, and tends to be the kind you use in decorations. Avoid it.

Bridal Illusion tulle is a popular choices because it has the softness of silk tulle, but holds a better shape. Compare the two:

Bridal Illusion Tulle


Silk Tulle

Both are beautiful, but accomplish different looks. BUT! Notice how both seem to crowd the woman’s face. That’s what happens when you put the veil too far forward. The front of the veil should never be further forward than the ears.

Veil Myth #3: It has to have a blusher

The feminist in me squirms a little at the idea of a blusher, and the idea of the unveiling of the woman like a gift…but I have to admit, I love blushers. But only when done correctly. And by that I mean, the bride’s face is still visible, and she doesn’t look like she’s ready to go tend some bee hives or forage through a malaria infested jungle.

We can barely see her face. Not acceptable.

Much Better.

Veil Myth #4: You have to wear a veil

Come on, live a little. There are so many choices out there now as alternatives, you’d be crazy not consider them. Headbands, jeweled combs, flowers, feathers…the options are endless. Experiment, go with what feels like you

Okay, now on to the fun part! Veils that work, are modern yet classic, and are definitely not generic.

The drop veil. It doesn’t get more classic and elegant than this.

The Mantilla

The Half Circle

Classic French Net Blusher

A Bridal Illusion blusher

The final three veils are taken from Sara Gabriel, my personal favorite headpiece designer. Do check her out at SaraGabriel.com