Oh wedding lovers, I’ve discovered an untapped market in the wedding industry.  Attractive bridal flats! Sure, who doesn’t love a gorgeous pump or sandal, but some of us really need (and want!) a comfy pair of flats on The Big Day. After all, if you need to walk/stand/dance all night, your feet need to be comfortable!

But have you SEEN what passes for flat bridal shoes these days? Can we say YUCK? Frumpy, yucky flats that totally clash with the whole point of wearing a dress – that is what I’ve seen in recent months. And that will not do. You know I believe in self-expression, so if you want to get yourself some personalized wedding Converse or Toms, so be it. But for the rest of us who still want something pretty as well as comfortable, well, I’ve done the legwork for you. I have scoured these here internets to find you the best, most comfortable (and affordable) wedding flats available (and no, flip flops are not included). Your feet will thank you!

1) The easiest option is to look for a  small, or “kitten” heel. Kitten heels are great if you can walk on a slender heel, but don’t want tons of height. The little heel will keep your weight pretty well balanced on your foot, and won’t give you an awkward stride like sky-high stilletos. My favorites right now are:



Penelope, by Dyeables   

Ava, by Coloriffics

Ballerina with Jewel, by Zara

This one isn’t exactly a kitten heel, persay, but I added it in this category because it does feature an actual heel, albeit a small one. Still, these would make a great, unusual but still classic pair of  bridal flat shoes.

Moving on to the actual flats, which are much harder to find! These are great day-to-evening flat wedding shoes that will keep your feet and sense of style happy. They’re also great for the bride who doesn’t want to be taller than her groom in all the photos.

 Flat Jelly Sandals, by Zara

 Blue Wedding Flats, by TheCrystalSlipper on Etsy

 White Glitter Bridal Shoes, by Ashleybrooks1984 on Etsy

There you have it, gals. A little something for everyone! Seriously though, if you dig long and hard enough, you’ll find the perfect shoes. Just like you found the perfect dress, venue, and even the perfect man. Don’t let your flats be frumpy – your flat wedding shoes can be fabulous, too.