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Considering a dream Las Vegas wedding? Don’t miss these two outdoor locations!

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Considering a dream Las Vegas wedding? Don’t miss these two outdoor locations!

Las Vegas always been the marriage capital of the world, and couples agree that getting married in Vegas is an experience beyond words. Of course, planning your wedding is always a challenge, especially if it’s a destination wedding. Thankfully, you can considerable help for planning custom Las Vegas weddings, regardless of whether you are a resident or not. In this post, we bring in two destinations that will come in handy while planning your special day.

Eloping to Red Rock Canyon Park

The biggest advantage of Vegas is the range of settings it offers for weddings. No matter whether you are interested in a natural setting, or want to select one of the ready venues, the choices are many. Many couples prefer the idea of eloping in Las Vegas, often in diverse setting. A good choice in that context for a desert wedding is the Red Rock Canyon Park, which has been rated among the best in Vegas. While this is not the usual choice for a wedding, the settings and romantic mood of Red Rock Canyon Park sets it all up. It just takes 45 minutes to get here, which means you don’t have to stay far away from the city. Of course, the rock serves the right contrast backdrop, and you can be assured that the photography would be worth treasuring.

Eloping to Nelson Ghost Town

If you are in mood for a more unique outdoor wedding, you should definitely settle for Nelson Ghost Town. While this remains a preferred place for movie shoots, couples come here for the scenic beauty of the place. Close to Nelsons landing, coming to Nelson Ghost Town isn’t a complicated because it’s just an hour’s drive. Everything can be pre-arranged, so you don’t have to bother about the extra aspects.

Taking help for your wedding

It’s not surprising that Las Vegas offers all the arrangement for couples in love ready to enter the bond of marriage. There are some amazing wedding planning services, which offers ready packages, as well as, custom arrangements, depending on your budget. You don’t have to spend beyond what’s discussed, they will take care of everything, right from the basic settings to photography, outdoor arrangements and catering. It is advisable that you contact the right wedding planner well in advance and take the call on budget, availability of certain locations and other aspects.

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