Good morning glorious world! It’s wedding central over here! Getting in touch with brides, both former and future, watching the new season of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (which is great for the gowns, hilarious for the Southern shenanigans, NASCAR-driving fiances and child brides), clicking through the wedding photos of people I haven’t seen since high school… it makes me a happy, happy woman. So much to look at! So many ideas to decipher!

Today’s topic is something I’ve spent waaaaay too much time thinking about. In the grand scheme of things, how important are the wedding favors, really? I think they lie somewhere at the bottom of the list, between deciding on a garter (traditional frilly? Alumni colors? Rhinestones?) and a choice of color for your toenail polish.

But this is my hobby. I think of these things, at random, for fun. So when I look at wedding albums or magazines and see Jordan almonds, glass swans, or anything with a huge, blazing monogram of the new couple…well, you know how this goes. Hence, I bring you ideas for new favors, or how to spruce up your tried and true standards.

If it isn’t genuinely useful or edible, skip it

You do not have to give out favors, the same way your guests don’t have to bring gifts. It is customary. If you’d like to give a little something to your guests as they exit the party, at least make sure it’s something thoughtful or useful. When shopping for favors, think about little things that you see in a Target or Ross that you itch to pick up, but don’t because it’s not an absolutely necessity. Those are the kind of things that are perfect for favors. And if that doesn’t generate ideas, turn the same kind of thinking to foodstuffs. A few examples:

Little Notebooks
-Handy for jotting down messages or addresses while on the road, or a grocery list. Again…keeping it less wedding-y will up the usefulness factor.

Why not order a bunch of mini Moleskine three packs, divide them up so each guest gets one. Wrap a ribbon of your choice around, add a tag with the person’s name and table number, and ta-da! Instant, cheap, useful placecards/favors.

A tin of mints
-Really, who doesn’t need mints to keep in the purse/car/nightstand?


Olive Oil
-Again…who doesn’t use/need Olive oil? Bonus points if it has something special in the way of added spices or seasonings.

Gourmet Coffee or Tea, single or double serving
-You can’t possible need me to explain this.


A nice mug
-Possibly to go with the coffee or tea? These can be trickier to find than you think. You’re looking for something infinitely holdable, and unisex. Think Starbucks mug when you start shopping.

Take it easy with the monograms

Monograms are fun. I know. I once gave out nothing but monogrammed gifts for christmas – lockets for my female relatives, moneyclips for the males. But those gifts had the monogram of the actual gift recipient, not the gift giver.

What is anybody going to do with a pen that has the monogram of an entirely different person/couple? Likewise with the mug, or little notebook.

Monograms work best when used sparingly. They are a decorative touch, and should not be a theme. If your mother insists on it, try to tone it down, make it not so noticeable. They look great on food, and your stomach will not complain about those letters.

I like the idea of completely non-monogrammed or wedding-marked favors. It’ll save you some time and money, and it’ll certainly be different – just a tad.

When it doubt…go with food.

I really can’t stress this enough. If you can’t think of anything you want to give out that people might actually use, go with something edible. It can be almost anything: cupcakes, toffee, mini bags of popcorn, chocolate…the possibilities are endless. Just make sure it’s yummy and prettily packaged, which brings us to our conclusion of this post…

Dress it Up

Take even the humblest of favors to a new level by putting it in pretty packaging. Whether it’s just a simple ribbon or a nice box, the wrapping is almost as important as the item inside.