Dear readers*

Are you starting to get invitations and save the dates to this summer’s crop of nuptial fetes? Those cardstock envelopes that can’t fit through your mail slot  heralding fun evenings and … wait…

Another blue and white wedding? Another pink and grey? For Pete’s sake… did everyone read the article about grey and yellow?

We’ve already written about breaking out of the two-color combo deal, but it’s a persistent trend. It may even be a tradition. And maybe you do just want to focus on two colors. You don’t care that pink is pretty much the most popular color for weddings EVER, right? And who cares that your mom thinks absolutely everything should be baby pink… it’s not going to be generic. Run of the mill. Like every.



Okay, before you start to hyperventilate – here’s the answer. We’re not even going to make you work for it. Ready?


Yup. Can’t get out of those colors you decided on months ago? Add texture. Texture – the opposite of smooth. This little thing, added strategically, can bring or highlight new focal points to your whole design scheme. It will keep your plans fresh, a little different. And best of all, you can incorporate it anywhere.

The easiest place? Your gown. Want something with a little drama? Ruffles, feathers, pleats and a gazillion other things are everywhere this year.

Millie, by BHLDN


textured wedding dress

Pleated Fantasy Dress, by BHLDN

Don’t want to wear texture yourself? Dress up your attendants with bits of flare. They’re going to be fluttered around you all night anyway, may as well make the most of it!

Or maybe go with something a little less smooth on your tables:

I know. Burlap! Who would have thought? Well, other than the fabulous person who put this table together. Burlap just proves it: nothing is too plain to work!

Moss, on a bare wooden table. Tell me that won’t turn some heads in the very best of ways! People will literally be stroking your decor – it doesn’t get any more involving or memory-making than that.

Don’t forget the food! Even if you leave texture out of everything else you do, add a little flare to your food can be a great accent piece.

This cake is a perfect example of what texture can do for you: it can take the most traditional of wedding cakes – white, circular, multi-tiered – and turn it into a work of delicious art. It’s also bound to be a conversation starter. For years to come.

Seriously, the options are endless and available for all budgets. Breathe new life into your wedding plans with different textures – play, experiment, feel like a toddler again. Your guests will thank you, and you’ll be so gosh-darned proud of your creativity, to boot.

*all four of you. And Mom!