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Exactly What Is A Destination Wedding Favor?

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Have you ever heard of destination wedding mementos? I’ve not either, so, I’ve taken it upon myself to pioneer this phrase. Destination weddings, destination wedding gowns, and today, “destination wedding mementos”. I love it!

So what exactly is a destination wedding favor? Something affordable, something practical, something memorable, but something “packable”.

Let us face the facts…you’ll be travelling. The final factor you need to bother about may be the safe keeping of the wedding mementos. You’ll need favors that aren’t perishable, breakable or bulky. Something you can certainly put on your luggage knowing that it’ll “result in the trip” securely.

Candle lights and chocolate may melt, glass can break and bigger products simply take up an excessive amount of space within the suitcase!

So what exactly is a destination bride to complete?

Listed here are a couple of suggestions for the right “destination wedding favor”…

Silver plated luggage tags formed like airplanes and luxury cruise ships. What is more ideal for your destination wedding visitors?

A “scratch and win” lottery ticket tucked in the pretty glassine envelope is really a fun idea.

Wedding CD’s have become extremely popular. Help make your own. Incorporate your wedding song, a popular photo or more along with a personal “thanks” in your disc.

Make personalized bookmarkers. Design these to incorporate a photo, the wedding date along with a thanks note signed by both of you. When you are pleased with the look, duplicate it, laminate it and dress up having a tassle or perhaps an organza bow. You could utilize exactly the same idea to produce refrigerator magnets.

Palm or paper folding fans make lovely favors that may be easily decorated to complement any theme.

Personalized pens, pencils or handmade cards are something your visitors may use.

Flower seed favors really are a happy indication of the valued day when grown.

Paperweights are a beautiful, helpful keepsake.

This is actually the perfect destination wedding favor – “Small Books”. These exquisite little books come in a number of topics from wine tasting to humor. Bound in hardcover and customised on your part, these small collectables create a very elegant gift that the visitors will treasure. Compact, unbreakable and perfectly “packable”! You’ll find them at

Regardless of whether you purchase your wedding mementos or make sure they are, it’s not necessary to spend lots of cash. They’re a manifestation of the because of your visitors for getting shared your personal day along with you. Your visitors will value the sentiment of the gift, and not the cost.

I’ll give you one further thought…

Although giving wedding mementos is a fairly gesture, it’s not essential!