Well wedding lovers, it’s officially the most romantic time of year: autumn! I love autumn. Nothing says “romance” more clearly to me than hot cocoa, sweaters, long walks on chilly evenings, and snuggling with your loved one.

I’ve been thinking all through wedding season about all those little moments of a romance. The things that are milestones for the couple – how they first met, when they first decided they liked each other, who said “I love you” first and when… things like that are told to closer relatives and best friends, but don’t usually circulate outside that tight inner niche. It seems a shame not to bring things like that into focus for one’s wedding. Not only are they great little reminders of your love story, but they can also provide a lot of ideas for customizing your wedding.  Most importantly, sharing them is a great way to make the wedding really inclusive for distant relatives, colleagues, and who love you but don’t really know the story. So, here five fresh ways to share your love story.

1) Recreate a memorable moment for your engagement photos.

Did you bump into each other at a carnival? Was it a blind date at your local watering hole? Sleep-away camp in 1992? Whatever it was, why not recreate your first meeting or first date in your engagement photos? An unusual (and by that we mean, something other than the beach, a park, a generic city street, etc.) setting livens up the traditional poses without being kitschy, and provides a perfect excuse to include a few paragraphs about the setting and its importance on your wedding website or your save-the-dates.


2) Create a Facebook account for the wedding.

Take advantage of timeline by creating a Facebook account for yourselves as a couple. Include photos with memorable occasions and watch as  far-flung friends and relatives not only finally get the whole saga, but also start interacting with you about all things wedding! Put in as much info as you like – have you ever known someone who stumbled across a Facebook page and thought “that’s too much to read/look at”? Of course not.


3) Make a video save-the-date.

Share your love story and test out a videographer at the same time. Have them conduct a mini-interview with you and share your story.

People tend to do this and show it at the wedding, but putting it out for people months beforehand is a better idea.

You don’t even need to prepare a script – today’s videographers are incredibly artistic and skilled at getting to the heart of your love story. Do part of the interview together and part separately, and loosen up! Have fun, crack jokes, tease each other a bit. Then send the whole thing out, either on dvds or just as a Vimeo or Youtube link. People will watch it at least twice, it’s memorable, and will clue some people in so they’ll actually know when to laugh during the Best Man’s toast.

4)  Uniting two different cultures? Create your own reciepe book with favorite dishes from your lives, and include a story that relates to each one. When you first met your mother-in-law to be, did she serve you Hungarian Goulash? Did your fiance totally embarrass himself when he went with you to the Indian restaurant and couldn’t handle the spicy food? Distribute the recipe books any way you like – individually as emails, in bound booklets during the holidays, or maybe even as favors for after the wedding!

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5) Give all the gals what they want – the lowdown on the ring. Not how much it cost or what the carat weight is, but how he chose it. Did you shop together? Did he call up your best friends or your mom and get a bunch of opinions before going to the jeweler? Or did he have a heart-to-heart with his grandmother before giving you the ring she wore for fifty years? Add some high quality images of the ring and send out the mass email.

Sharing your love story makes your wedding immediately more intimate. Sharing it well in advance of the wedding makes your guests feel more a part of it, and more special to be included in a day of such a special, unique love.