Hey readers! I know, I know… it’s been forever since we had an update. But that’s because we’ve had a fantastic response to the site and have been developing new avenues to spread our wedding love.
So, to start up the articles again we have a special guest post on planning your non-generic hen party (that’s a bachelorette party, for North American readers)! Gen, of GoHen.com, has written up some great ideas below. I have personally checked out their site – if you’re in the UK, they are a fantastic resource! And even if you’re not ideally geographically located to use their services, they have some great ideas, so keep reading and check them out.


With all the stories of boozy parties and rude straws floating around we wouldn’t blame you if you’re looking to make your hen party a bit different! You want to have a great time with the girls and one way of making that happen is to ensure them a weekend that’s different from the norm and more than a bit special. It can be hard to come up with ideas that everyone will like however, so help is at hand in the form of this little guide, enjoy!


Step one… Pick a destination. If you and the girls all live in London city-centre then you’ve probably already decided it’s easiest to stay put, but consider all the great options around. For something a bit unusual and cultured why not try Rome or Tallinn? Or if you don’t fancy jetting off why not head over to Galway, Edinburgh or Cheltenham? Once you’ve decided on a location it’ll be easier to sort the rest, and as a general rule flights and travel arrangements can be cheaper if booked well in advance.

Step two… Pick your activities. Typically cocktail mixing and burlesque dancing are popular choices but if you fancy trying your hand at something totally different how about life drawing, circus skills or a river cruise? If you’re an active sort (we applaud you) then how about getting the girls busy trying white-water-rafting, ice skating or even tank driving?! The world is your energetic oyster!

Step three… Decide who to invite. This can be a tricky one- you don’t want too many people but you want to make sure all your nearest-and-dearest girlfriends are invited. Grab your wedding invite list and work from there, whittling it down to a manageable number. Then handcraft some pretty invites or create an online event, and get inviting!

Step four… Manage the money. Keep track of who’s paid what, to avoid any confusion and awkward moments. It might be easiest to make a spread sheet so that you can keep track of the amount before the final monies need to be paid. It’s important to let the girls know early on how much they’re going to be paying so that they’re fully aware of the commitment and have a time frame in which to pay.

Step five… Have fun! It’s your special day and you deserve to relax with your best friends and have an amazing time. If you’re all together with great things to do and much gossip to be had then you’re bound to make some excellent memories, and create stories that’ll be talked about for years to come.

There’s the guide then ladies, good luck planning and have a fantastic time!

This is a guest post by Gen from hen party organisers GoHen.