Look at a few wedding blogs for a couple weeks and everything will start to look the same to you: long tables, round tables, neutral flatware, the same few varieties of flowers in the same vases. Looking for something new and (always a plus) and budget friendly? Look into balloons.

Seriously. These aren’t garden variety, birthday balloons. These are chic, beautifully colored, eye-popping and pleasing enhancements to any ceremony, reception, or photo shoot!



Whether your style is chic, fun, whimsical, or anything in between, balloons are a great way to add a fresh shot of interest into your celebration. Try a few on a table, such as the example above, for a subtle touch of something different.

Want to go bold? Let them hang from the ceiling. Or, to be even more different, hang them upside down from strings on the ceiling – just as a marble to each balloon for weight – and instantly you have visual interest to accent beautiful walls, or hide an dated ceiling.

And don’t be afraid of color! A few wedding balloons in an accent color can liven up your whole palate.

A great alternative for flowers, these big round versions can fill up a large space without breaking your budget. And, clearly, they photograph well, can be blown up in advance, and won’t cause you any sleepless nights over worrying if an early frost might derail all your plans.

Look into your local listings for party supplies, or call up a few wedding planners to find out where to buy your fabulous wedding balloons. If you’re ready to commit and want to go the online route, check out the following sites!