Anyone who has ever been to a wedding knows the semi-embarrassing, semi-bawdy moment of tradition: the garter toss. After a gorgeous and pure ceremony and reception, it suddenly becomes very clear to everyone at the party – this couple is going to bone.

Even with the wedding garter’s highly sexualized symbolism that seems to fly in the face of the tone of most weddings, it persists – in fact, several sources claim it is the oldest surviving marital tradition.

It began in Europe, when the tradition was for the weddings guests to actually escort the bride and groom to bed. Guests would vie for the bride’s garter, as it was supposed to be lucky. Different customs vary, but the end result is the same – the bride knew her wedding garter was going to be a highly sought prize – I think we can assume she made sure it was a nice one.

The tradition became standard in the American wedding in the mid 20th century – many consider a wedding incomplete without it.

You can buy modern wedding garters anywhere – most are cheaply made of elastic, satin, and maybe a bit of ribbon or lace. They are usually white, though you can get them in different colors, or even featuring your alma mater’s symbol. These are largely accepted. Standard. Boring.

Which is why we are thrilled to bring you these gorgeous garters – after all, if you have to flash an undergarment to a bunch of people while they think about what you and your new spouse will be doing that night, it may as well be gorgeous. Whether your style calls for a modern wedding garter, a vintage wedding garter, a crystal wedding garter… it can be had, and for a good price. These are all one of a kind, artisan items – make them your something new, borrowed, blue, or maybe create your first heirloom!

The Elizabeth

Crystals, lace and Pearls

Pure Lace

Transformers Garter

Is hubby a Transformers fan? What better way to make him chuckle (and remind him how special he is to have found someone who appreciates his interests) than by letting him discover this unusual little treat?

Not a fan of lace or pop-culture references? No problem; check out this sweet, clean-lined piece:

Sweet Modern Garter

As always, don’t settle for what you see in the magazines or what your mother thinks you should have. Go with what’s you – and let us know how you infused your personality and vision into your wedding!