You know what always breaks my heart? When a groom doesn’t look nearly as good as his bride. Think about it: women buy gowns months in advance, and get custom works of art that are fitted several times to perfectly skim their bodies. And the men? They get to go the same tux rental place they used for prom and once again, rent a tux.

Why shouldn’t the men get something gorgeous to wear, too?

It Doesn’t Have to Be a Tux

The choices for men’s wear are as diverse as women’s wear, if more subtle in the variations. As with choosing a wedding gown, your groom should take into consideration the season, time of day, tone and size of your wedding. The bigger the affair, the more formal he needs to look.

So if you’re having an intimate beachside event, consider light trousers and a smart white button down with rolled up sleeves. For your classic afternoon wedding, how about a smart suit in charcoal? And for the black-tie evening soiree, maybe a sharp shawl collar tuxedo. Mmm…

The classic shawl collar

Fit is Everything

You know this. It’s the reason you have a few fittings for your wedding gown. An ill-fitting suit on your man just cheapens his look and detracts from your photos. Make sure it fits across the shoulders, doesn’t fall too low on his hips, and follows the shape of his torso. Send instructions with him, or with a groomsman. Or you could just go ahead and start those wifely duties early by going with him.

Whatever the look, we’re going for a fit like that of David Beckham. Meaning, the suit has to fit impeccably. You’re going to look like a million bucks, and so should he.

Back away from the Cummerbund

Seriously. What’s a bigger staple of The Generic Wedding than a bunch of groomsmen and the groom in black suits with colored cummerbunds? At best, the cummerbund makes him look like he’s still going to the high school prom. At worst, it highlights his not-quite-“abtacular” belly.

The colored vest is better…but not by much. There’s nothing wrong with letting the boutonniere be the only pop of color on the men. They’ll look chic, and they won’t need color when they’re with the bridesmaids.

Dress him like he's hosting the Oscars

NOTE: If he’s wearing a white jacket or a full white suit, make sure it’s the same white as your gown! Otherwise, one of you will look dingy.


Making sure your groom look fantastic is just one more way to make you look better. It will make your photos magazine-worthy! And that, is definitely not generic.