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How to Be the Perfect Maid of Honour

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How to Be the Perfect Maid of Honour

The role of the maid of honour is one of the most important ones in a wedding. The bride relies completely on the good judgment and the efficiency of the maid of honour to make sure that the big day goes smoothly without any hitches. For this same reason, it can be extremely stressful for you if you happen to be the maid of honour at your best friend’s wedding, especially if this is your first time serving in that role. However, you simply cannot let your lack of experience ruin the day for your bestie.

Here are a few tips on how to be a great maid of honour, and stand by your bestie through the most important day in her life:

  1. Be with her through all the arrangements: at her request, be ready to drop everything and accompany her to the dressmaker, the cake shop, the wedding planner, and wherever she needs you to be. Wedding planning can be a nightmare for brides, what with all the nuances that go into seating arrangements, flowers, food and what not. The bride needs someone to centre her through it all, and even lend a helping hand, a listening ear or sometimes a shoulder to cry one when it gets too overwhelming.
  2. Offer advice or opinion if asked: with the stress of wedding planning, making decisions on things like the dress, the food, the kind of cake or even things as simple as the dinner napkins are going to become too mindboggling for the bride, at some point. If your bestie needs you to give your honest opinion on something, try to be more helpful than just saying, “It’s your choice” or “do whatever you please”. She obviously looks up to you, and just wants someone to help her make the decisions.
  3. Deal with minor crises on the big day: The wedding day itself is something that the bride should be able to cherish for the rest of her life. It would be terrible to burden her with the fact that one annoying guest is throwing a drunken tantrum, or that someone asked for fish and got chicken, or that the cake delivery has been slightly delayed. These are things that fall to you as the maid of honour to try to deal with, without stressing out the bride. Get the necessary people involved to solve these issues, so that your bestie can have a beautiful wedding.
  4. Throw her the hen night bash of her life! This is probably one of the most important duties that falls to a maid of honour. It is one of the first things you will need to start planning, as soon as your bestie tells you she is getting married, and you are the maid of honour. Bust out that ‘to do’ list, call your friends for hens party ideas, and plan the best hen party you can. Make sure you have a lot of fun goodies from a great hens party shop, and fill the day with lots of fun activities that you know your bestie will love.