I’m really touched and surprised by the response to this young little blog. Reader Krista submitted her recent wedding for this page. I went to her personal blog, read about the experience and saw the photos…and I’m so glad. Krista and her husband definitely had a classic, elegant wedding, with a few unique wedding ideas. It was personal, beautiful, and most importantly…FUN!

*All photographs are the work of Scott Wang photography.

I asked her to share some of her planning experience and advice:

I think sometimes brides get bogged down on finding the perfect this and that, so they do so much research they get overwhelmed… But once I found what I loved, I just stuck with that. No need to keep looking or you’ll just get confused or find things you love but can’t afford or are not feasible.

After becoming engaged, one of the first things the bride and her mom did was start putting together a guest list and color scheme of black and white.

You’d be surprised how much those two items affected our reception site choices. We had an expected guest list of 200-250, so that took certain sites out of the running due to space. Every site we went to I was thinking about how the colors would look.

This is very smart, ladies. It’s always best to have a good idea of how many people to expect before you go site scouting. Anyone who’s ever had to trim down a guest list (and weigh the various levels of potential anger, estrangement and gossip) knows this. And picturing your colors in the room will relieve much anxiety from the get-go.

She found a site that she liked, and used some free time between appointments to try on gowns at a nearby, recommended bridal store. She found her lovely gown, and bought it off the rack for a steal.

From there everything else was easy. We didn’t shop around much for the other elements, we went to one cake vendor and one florist and as soon as we found that they could do what we wanted within the budget we would book them. I’m not one for endless comparison shopping, I guess!

Considering the bride and groom seven months between the proposal and the wedding, this really was the way to go. Before they knew it, it was the Big Day.

Here’s something that I love (and will probably write another article on, in the future). Krista awoke the morning of her wedding with that stomach-clenching nervousness that we all experience on the cusp of something big. To calm herself down, she went to ballet class. Doing something familiar has a way of soothing you, and if it’s physical and lets you exercise away some of that nervousness, so much the better!

The ceremony was held in a Christian church. The bride and her ‘maids arrived early enough to put on their gowns, have a snack (very important!), take photos and say a few prayers.

Love this. Remember, the color scheme was black and white. Not only do all of her ‘maids look fantastic, but the bouquets are excellently paired – not too big, they enhance rather than steal focus, and add pops of color without detracting from the overall color scheme. Excellent all around.

Father of the bride chillin’ while the ladies pray.

As the bridesmaids start walking, the bride steals a quick glance at the church-proper.

Yep. The groom is there, waiting for her. And looking good in his suit.

The ceremony gets underway. There are tears, laughter, promises and high fives.

(Really digging the lighting in this church! It sets the mood, and looks great with minimal wedding decoration.)

The groupings of the bridesmaids and groomsmen is different, and I love it.

And thus, they were wed! On to the reception!

The Carl House in Auburn, GA. What a gorgeous-looking venue! A welcome change from hotel ballrooms.

Wedding cake and groom’s cake. Both are fun, non-fussy, and look pretty delicious!

Brides and Grooms…make sure you invite a couple friends who are serious dance fiends. Not only do they ensure awesome photos like this one, but they can often get the rest of your guests up on the dance floor, too.


And you know what? They didn’t spend a dime on entertainment. With the help of some iTunes playlists and a friend to play DJ, they had a rockin’ time AND saved money!

Congratulations to the happy couple, on pulling off a great, fresh and fun wedding, and all in seven months!

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