I’ve been shopping around for new business suits recently. Several weeks of online perusal and mall drive-bys have convinced me of one thing: the vast, VAST majority of women’s suits are horrendous. Just awful. They are unfeminine, unflattering, and boring. And ridiculously expensive! $200+ for an unlined-blazer? I turn up my nose at thee.

(And yes, before you ask, I’ve seen the business section of the Victoria’s Secret website. One of my two current suits is VS.)

Anyway, one of the nicest suits I found was actually designed as a bridal pantsuit.

Well, that fired me up right away! What a brilliant idea! I personally know several women who would rather wear rented bowling shoes without socks (pause here…let the utter ‘ew-ness’ of that sink in) than wear a dress. Ever. Even on their wedding day.

I know this shocks many people. Before you dismiss it right away, consider the benefits of wearing a wedding pantsuit:

Self- Expression

For the woman who hates dresses, it’s a perfect option. It’s your wedding, you are allowed to wear what you want. You are allowed to be comfortable. Aren’t the magazines and consultants always saying you have to look/act/plan/feel like “you?” If wearing pants feels like you, do it.


Not everyone subscribes to the belief that “beauty is pain.”* Wedding gowns come with all manner of uncomfortable elements: boning for strapless, corsets, slimming undergarments, etc. One of the most important things on the wedding gown checklist is comfort. If you’re going to be gasping for breath or tugging at your clothes, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the wedding.

Maybe you’re worried about your thighs rubbing together.

I can hear you now: “OMG, she did NOT just out one of the most ungraceful blights of womanhood.”

Yeah, I did. Because it’s a real concern for a lot of people. It’s uncomfortable, at best. Damn near unbearable, at worst. Eliminate the worry, and dress the way you want to dress.

*incidentally, my father was the person who told me that. As he braided my hair into plaits so tight you could hoist a piano with them.

– It’s Different!

For the woman who loves drama, attention, and to make a splash…nothing will cause more of a stir than wearing a bridal pantsuit. Trust me on this one. You could plan everything else to be super vanilla, traditional, and generic…but putting the bride in something unexpected would instantly make the event unique.

– It’s Customizable

While still not very popular, alternatives to the wedding dress come out every season. It takes a little research, but you can very easily create a look that suits you and the tone of your event. Formal evening wedding? Why not try something like this?

– It’s Cheaper

Let’s see…a couple hundred for a suit, or close to a grand for a gown. For the budget-minded couple, a suit can be a great way to save money. And if you opt to go the easiest route and just purchase a white business suit, you can wear it to work. No wedding dress can boast the same.

To all the brides looking for permission to veer away from the dress stores: you have it. Do what you want. And if you can’t find a ready-made ensemble that you like, take a trip to your dry cleaner. Bring a suit you already own, and explain what you would like in comparison. You’d be surprised how capable the alterations people are in creating outfits (or being able to direct you to someone better qualified for the job).

Moral of the post: find something that suits you. Take that advice as literally as you like.