Much as I like to dream and plan fantastic weddings, there’s nothing better than actually seeing one done. Thus, we launch the Success Stories page, in which we feature beautiful, non-generic examples of everything this blog stands for.

Our first is the wedding of Olivia and Aaron. I am not personally acquainted with the couple, but the bride and I share a mutual friend. Through the powers of Facebook I caught a glimpse of the couple, and knew I had to feature them first.

Well done: Though pink was the main color, the bride did not feel the need to outfit her ‘maids in pink dresses. They got flattering black cocktail dresses – that’s as close as you’re ever going to come to a wear-again bridesmaid dress – and accessorized with pink shawls for the Catholic mass. The maids also got to choose their own shoes and carried small bouquets of mostly white, with pink for a little accent. And look how well they all look together: unified, but individual.

Also: Bride’s mom looks fab in royal blue.

The groom matches his bride in elegance. No colors needed on him, and his groomsmen got all the color they needed with link pink ties. No cummerbunds, French shirts (the kind that need cufflinks), and the tuxes fit well…it’s just a great look for the guys, period.

The veil: a classic cathedral-length in bridal illusion tulle, with an elbow-length blusher (not pictured here). Perfectly placed on her head, it frames her face rather than crowds it, emphasizes her height and slimness, and adds some sophisticated drama.

The French net blusher was more practical for dancing, but still fit the look of the gown. Speaking of which: love the classic trumpet-fit, the ruching, and the one-shoulder. It was well-bustled, too! In summary, the whole ensemble is classic, but new. And she wore the hell out of it.

Decor: This was an intimate winter wedding: the centerpieces consisted of silvered branches in curvy glass vases, with accents sprinkled along the table. If you can tear your eyes away from the adorableness of the groom and flower girl, check out those pink wall lights! Way to add warmth and ambiance to the room.

In keeping with Polish tradition, the bride tossed her veil to the single ladies, instead of her bouquet.

The groom serenades his bride. What a beautiful, personal moment!

The send-off. Love the bride’s classic stole.

Thanks to Olivia and Aaron for letting us feature their wedding, and the very best wishes for a happy life together!

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