A Place for Creative Wedding Ideas

Welcome to the safe place

We are the ultimate secret of womanhood; the things you won’t tell your boyfriend, and won’t tell anyone but your closest friends: we are closet wedding consumers. We keep track of bridal fashion, even if we are single (or already married.) We have super-secret documents on our hard drives with lists of potential venues, decor, floral arrangements, and stationary. We watch all those shows on TLC, and secretly look at the wedding mags in drugstore aisles. We are Wedding Lovers Anonymous.


What is TGW?

TGW is our Kryptonite. Our red sun. Our arsenic. It is The Generic Wedding, it has the potential to destroy us. As lovers of all things wedding, we are very prone to the effects of The Generic Wedding. Symptoms include fatigue, ennui, and cynicism. We strive to keep our love for weddings healthy by constantly finding new ways to celebrate matrimony. Feel free to share your suggestions with us, as TGW is a crafty and deadly affliction, constantly evolving and taking today’s new ideas and making them the standards of tomorrow. Damn the Man, save the Weddings!