Hello all,

Apologies for the lack of new content in recent months – we are pursuing some very exciting prospects (launched in part by this blog!) and have put article writing on the backseat for now.

However, we do still love to hear from you, and are especially interested in knowing what you’d like to see in future posts. For all the readers who have come to us via Pinterest, would you be interested in seeing exactly how you can create those gorgeous settings you see pinned on peoples’ wedding boards? We have the inside scoop, though it’s quite a bit of information and we don’t want to give out ALL the industry secrets (wedding planners need to  feed themselves, you know). However, feedback and specific questions may influence our content in ways you’ve never seen before!

Stay tuned for articles on hiring entertainment (and not just the standard band with classic rock staples), why cutting edge videography is a MUST, and more.