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The Diary of a Happy Groom

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The Diary of a Happy Groom

Weddings have always been perceived as an occasion for the bride-to-be and/or her family to do-it-all. Women being the meticulous kind want everything on their matrimonial day to be perfect and preferably exactly as they want it to be. We’ve been part of themed weddings, colour co-ordinated ceremonies and quirky after parties.

After all weddings are rehearsed many a times in our imaginations, right?

Most emphasis thus is laid on the bride-to-be, and grooms might have to take a back seat. Grooms too feel anxious, jittery and unhappy and yet you could be the next ‘happy groom’!

We’ve earmarked some of the ways a groom can participate in and feel the buzz of the wedding mania, some points to tick off in your diaries and have a happy pre & post wedding.

  1. Be Involved: The more you, as the groom, are occupied with the matrimonial preparations, the better you could feel. While this may include making hotel reservations or arranging transport for the guests, it could also mean taking part in the smaller activities. Of the million things to do, some of tasks that could use your contribution are helping with the guest list of friends, family and co-workers, drafting engagement announcements and planning or monitoring the wedding budget.

This will ensure a less stressed bride-to-be and keep you occupied and happy with the effort.

  1. Take the time to Pamper Yourself: Pampering oneself is no more a woman’s luxury, it is cool and acceptable for the men to groom themselves and take a spa-cation. Take the time to treat yourself to salon services, beauty packages and products. For those that delight in the therapy of shopping, check out some of the trends, seasonal favourites and go buy yourself that look. Confidence often co-exists with the way you look and feel about yourself, and a happy groom is a well-groomed one. Achieve those fitness goals, enrol in a gym, yoga class or hit the squash courts to tone your body for the big day. The groom’s wardrobe, the style and fit are just as important as the bride’s. Take some interest in how you’d like to be photographed and how you’d like to mark this special occasion by actively participating in the procuring of your attire and accessories; and not necessarily only depend on your family.
  2. Be There for Your Fiancée: Celebrate your being together and spend time with your partner doing and discussing things non-wedding. After all, this is the reason for the festivities, right? Plan dates, activities and indulge in the simpler things that you like doing as a couple. Keep the romance alive and rid some of the stress you’re both likely to be feeling.
  3. Catch Up with Your Friends: Revel in your bachelorhood a little longer, take your buddies along for a drive, spend time doing the things that all of you enjoy and de-stress with the friends you can be yourself with. Have your friends host a bachelorette party or plan a local or foreign trip to keep your cool pre-wedding.
  4. Honeymoon Planning: What better way to bring the matrimonial celebrations to a close and usher in your life together than a spectacular honeymoon? Plan a romance-filled itinerary, browse destinations and inclusions that would excite you and help you relax.
  5. Be Meticulous: With the wedding day nearing and with all the efforts put in, ensure that you do not forget important things, for eg. The wedding rings, the wedding gift for your wife-to-be and the tailor fitting of your outfit with the accessories that go with it. The devil lies in the detail as they say, and your interest and concern for your partner and the families could hinge on you remembering to do all the important things on time.

Weddings are stressful, there is no doubt. However, grooms need not take a back seat and can help with the wedding and make it more enjoyable and memorable. Bring out that diary and jot down what could make you a happier groom and put it to practice. Happy Groom day!