As I’ve mentioned before, I feel bad for grooms and groomsmen. Weddings are overwhelmingly geared towards women: women get the shower, women get the fancy outfit, the flowers, the pampering. I’m always trying to find new ways to make wedding planning and weddings more fun for men. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Feel free to chime in with comments and pass on your ideas (to be featured, with credit, in a subsequent post)!

Do the Rehereasal Dinner His Way

Celebrate early with your closest friends and family, and make it extra special for your groom by doing it the way he wants. Has he been dying to have all of his loved ones out on a picnic? A barbeque at the beach? A sporting event?* Go with it: there are few rules for the rehearsal dinner, and it doesn’t have to relate to the wedding in formality or venue. Serve his favorite foods and beverages, and watch for the extra big smiles and hugs you get for being such a stellar bride!

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*depending on how late the event goes, a little creativity could be needed here. Perhaps a morning or afternoon rehearsal, followed by an evening baseball or basketball game.

A Really Fun Wedding Gift

In the traditional American wedding, it is customary for the bride and groom to give one another small wedding gifts. Typical examples include special, highly personal books (a friend of mine once gave her fiance a signed, first edition copy of This Boy’s Life), jewelry (cufflinks, earrings), and so on.

I’m sure any man can appreciate a set of nice, possibly quirky cufflinks, but how many of them actually have French cuff shirts with which to wear them? And how many occasions a year, at that?

I much prefer the idea of splurging on something you know he really wants. Maybe the TV he’s been eyeing for months, or the rims for his other true love car. Maybe a new smartphone, or tablet preloaded with his favorite periodicals, books, and games.

I guarantee, he’ll be that much more jazzed to meet you at the altar when he knows that you 1) know him well enough to know what he really likes, and 2) spoil him a little bit.

Document His Prep Time

See if there’s a little room in your schedule to let the photographer head over to the men’s suite before the ceremony. There is some serious bonding and mental prep going on in there, just like in the women’s suite. Having photos and documenting his side of the prep is a nice way to emphasize that this wedding is about the couple, not just the bride.

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If your photographer works with an assistant, this is usually standard. If your photographer is solo, see if you can wiggle your schedule around so that while the early stages of your hair and make-up prep is underway, he can quickly go snap some shots of the men.

Prank Him!

I know, I know…you want the day to be perfect. You don’t want any jokes about the bride dragging her man to the chapel, or anything like that. But, little pranks can be a lot of fun and create special moments for the groom.

Rent an extra tux that is two or three sizes too small and sneak it to one of groomsmen (or just give them the idea and let them plan it). Set the clocks in the hotel a few hours forward – again, make sure the groomsmen are aware! Write “help me” on the bottoms of his shoes (only if he owns them). A little levity goes a long way in quelling the jitters, and will be something funny to look back on.
Don’t worry so much about the day being perfec. In the end…he’s there with you, accepting your ring.

Please, let me know how you made your groom feel extra special and excited! Leave a comment 🙂