Ah, is there anything more flirtatious, more gamine and feminine than a birdcage veil? I think not. A great alternative to the traditional and longer veils, birdcage veils can add a bit of youthfulness, sexiness, and just a touch of the unusual to any bridal ensemble.

And, as with everything, there are tips and techniques for wearing the birdcage veil.

Check the Height and Width

The netting used in most birdcage veils can quickly go from “textured” to “unnatural bird plummage.” Try to keep the gathering and poof factor minimal, no more than an inch above your head at most. You want it to follow the shape of your head. Not like this:

More like this:

Check the length

In order to enhance your face instead of covering it up, let the veil fall to just below your nose. Any higher, and you risk making your nose look bigger. Any lower, and your face won’t be visible. This is perfect:


Don’t restrict yourself to one fabric

The traditional birdcage veil is made of net material, but you can find versions in tulle, silk, and even horsehair as well.

This one is by Sara Gabriel.

Keep color in mind

Before you order a birdcage veil, make sure it matches the color of your wedding gown. French net ususally only comes in bright white, and that wouldn’t look good with an ivory gown! Request swatches before you finalize your purchase.

Don’t be afraid to show your sassy side! The birdcage veil can be anything from sophisticated and alluring, to youthful and fun. Experiment with accessories, and see what fits you best.