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We know that not everyone is blessed with the gift of coordination or amazing dance moves. Lucky for those of you who are looking to add a little more pizzazz to your wedding without having to bust out your moves and risk stepping on toes, quite literally, there are many fun alternatives that you could incorporate to ensure that your guests are preoccupied and fully entertained during your wedding reception.


Say cheese! Photo booths make for an awesome alternative because not only will your guests have a great time making silly faces and striking poses but you’ll also get plenty more memories to add to your wedding album. Designate a specific area for the photo booth and leave props so your guests can have fun playing around with them as the camera snaps away.


Instead of a buffet spread or the typical banquet, why not give your guests the opportunity to sample different types of delicacies. If you happen to be planning a wedding with a theme that happens to be of a specific culture, you can serve small bites of several variations. Ensure that the portions are small though because it is, after all, a food tasting and you wouldn’t want to have your guests leave feeling stuffed and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, if your wedding will be hosted in a vineyard or somewhere close by, you could opt for wine tasting as an alternative instead. If the owners of the vineyard permit, you could even have your guests join in the fun of the wine-making process.


While your guests and you may not exactly be pros at dancing, there are people out there who definitely are and who actually make a living out of it so why not leave it to them to blow all your minds away with their spectacular moves. Something to take note of: Be sure that the performers will offer up acts suitable and appropriate for your reception.


If you can’t or prefer not to have dancing, why not singing instead! Set up a karaoke booth for your guests to belt out songs to their hearts’ content. Be warned though, just like dancing, some are just not made for singing which is why you might want to make sure that the booth is manned.


For those who will be hosting your wedding reception outdoors, you could include outdoor activities such as croquet, badminton or even horseback riding. With the luxury of space that an outdoor wedding affords, there’s no limit to the types of outdoor activities you could have in place of dancing.

Never underestimate the value of good food, company and entertainment. With all that in your reception, no matter the alternative, your guests will be too occupied with having a great time to even notice that there isn’t any dancing. is an American online bridal company that has wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and bridal accessories. We also carry crystal and pearl jewelry that is works wonderfully as bridesmaid gifts or bridal jewelry.