Once again, it’s been a while since my last post – I must apologize for that. This blog is trying to become something, but I’m not entirely sure what that is yet.

However, in the meantime, I’ve been watching a lot of wedding movies and reality tv shows. Because, you know… as a wedding lover, wedding media is a staple of my addiction. I suspect I’m not alone in this, and that’s as good a tie-in as I can make this today’s guest post by Roger Kethcart. Enjoy!


Whether you’re opting for a low-key day at the spa with your closest girlfriends, or are going all out with a trip somewhere, the Bachelorette Party is the second biggest party next to the wedding reception. We often look to celebrities, movies and cable TV shows for inspiration for our weddings, but when it comes to this party, it’s probably best to take everything with a grain of salt. Here are three movies with some disaster Bachelorette party moments you can learn a lot from.

Don’t Disrespect the Bride (Bachelorette, 2012)

You may not have seen this movie, but it is the perfect example of what not to do when it comes to the bachelorette party. The group decides to throw the last big hoorah for the posse of girls invited to celebrate with the bride, like any group of friends want to do for the bride-to-be. What starts out as a joyous, festive event in New York, quickly turns into a giant, time-sensitive mess. After tearing the bridal gown, going out on the town, over drinking and other miscellaneous messy things, these bridesmaids must get over their own issues and work together to give the bride the wedding she deserves.

While weddings are supposed to be a happy time, they often bring out pain and discomfort of some sort for those involved. Maybe your younger sister is getting married before you, or you aren’t asked to be the maid of honor. Whatever the case, put your hurt feelings aside for the bride. For any festivities, keep your feelings in check and avoid discussing the issues with others during the party. This wedding is the Bride’s special time, be honest and be yourself, but please, do not be rude to the bride because of external things you may have going on in your life. The bride deserves to have nothing but happiness for her wedding and parties, as you would want the same for your special day.  Have fun and relax with the bride.

Don’t Exceed Your Limits (Bridesmaids, 2011)

Long-time best friends put their relationship and sanity on the line when Lillian asks Annie to be her maid-of-honor. Unless the whole bridal party is well-acquainted, you can expect some issues and drama to arise. Over the course of the movie and wedding planning, Annie begins to just “lose it” with the competition, like many bridesmaids may face. Who’s going to go to the most parties, who’s going to give the biggest gift, who’s going to throw the best party? Of course multiple underlying causes are what ultimately influence Annie’s decisions and real-life attendants, but when it comes to the Bachelorette Party, Annie just can’t handle the expenses or pressures associated with it.

With that being said, it’s very important to stay within your limits when partaking in wedding festivities. Not everyone has the same lifestyle budget, and in this economy it is important to remember that. Be honest with yourself and the bride if you can’t afford a vital part of the wedding. You may have to save a bit more, or even suggest a less expensive alternative to make it work for you. The bride will understand if you can’t make a portion of the wedding, just make sure to explain your situation and not leave the bride guessing.

Don’t Start Any Drama (Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas)

This reality show takes the concept of a Bachelorette Party to a whole other level, where excessive partying, drinking and drama are the real stars of the show. Given the women on the show and the location of the bachelorette party, it’s expected that there will be an excessive amount of drama. But when it comes to a real-life wedding, leave the drama at home and in high school. All three of these movies have loads of drama, which in one way or another negatively affects the bride’s mood, and the overall party.

So, keep yourself in check. If you have an issue with someone attending the party, either discuss it with them prior to the party to try and clear the air, or agree to disagree and “ignore” each other during the festivities. Don’t create a hostile environment where the bride becomes more stressed out, but rather put on a smile and keep the drama in the past; you would want your friends to do the same for you.

Whatever type of bachelorette party is in the works before your big day, following these tips are sure to make it a great party.