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Design Ideas For Wedding Websites: Check These Trends!

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Design Ideas For Wedding Websites: Check These Trends!

Congratulations! You are ready to take the next step in your relationship! Planning a wedding often involves considerable work, and if you don’t want to settle for just traditional invites, having a website is a good idea. Wedding websites are great for sharing information, details about the ceremony and other elements, and couples can also create a wish registry, a guest book and much more. It is also easy to get RSVPs online, instead of waiting for snail mails. That said, you would want your wedding website to stand out, and if you are wondering how to start a website, we have enlisted the current web design trends below.

  • Tell a story through visuals. You don’t want your wedding site to be all about stock photos. Yes, you can use high-quality background images and videos, but make the website about your lover story. Share what the guests would want to know. Some of the best websites in this niche are the ones that have minimal design, more of story.
  • Create a simple theme. If you plan to use a website builder such as Wix, Weebly or WordPress, you should definitely check some of their ready templates. Wedding themes don’t have to flat, but don’t opt for something that’s too dramatic or relies on animations and transitions alone.
  • Make it fun. Many couples like the idea of having a more humorous wedding website, and it’s a great way to add fun to the event. You can choose to be quirky with content and images, and if the budget permits, get a designer to customize the theme for your website.

Other tips to take note

Wedding websites don’t have to be heavy. You can only mention the basic details, but we would recommend that you have at least one page that tells your love story and journey to the aisle. You should also consider asking for electronic RSVPs specifically. Guests are often interested in knowing the dress code, if any, so make sure to clear everything. Wedding themes often dictate the choice of template, but in case you have not decided on that as yet, go for a theme with a white background. Trust the experts when they say that a white wedding template always works wonders.

Finally, enjoy the process. If yours is a destination wedding or you would want the guests to stay for more than day, get the website ready at least a month in advance.